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Corporate Overview

We are media, trade & advertising company. Business.Com.My™ is Malaysia's leading ecommerce, business process management services provider for the Internet & eBusiness Industry company, operating one of the world's largest online e-marketplaces for both domestic Malaysia and international trade. We have engineered innovative eBusiness Frameworks to speed the integration of your supply and demand chains. Customers, suppliers, and distributors can collaborate seamlessly in e-Marketplace net exchanges. Business.Com.My™ built parallel to accelerate the Malaysia government objectives of Vision 2020 (to transform Malaysia into knowledge based society).

Business Portfolio

Business.Com.My™ operates eleven e-commerce related clusters that connect a strong online community of millions of consumers and businesses from Malaysia, and around the world.

Business.Com.My™ Trade

Business.Com.My™ eTradeBusiness.Com.My™ eTrade has created an online business marketplace/trading community, primarily serving Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMB's) to match buyers and sellers in both Malaysia domestic and international markets. From initial sourcing of products right through to an ecommerce transaction, eTrade caters to all procurement needs in one place. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, eTrade can help you find these partners and establish successful trading relationships for today and tomorrow.

Business.Com.My™ Directory

Business.Com.My™ eDirectoryBusiness.Com.My™ eDirectory is a user friendly source of Malaysia online business directory information, business yellow pages that allows people to save time by finding what they need faster. With a detailed classification structure and comprehensive listing of companies, we make your business easier to find for consumers that are ready to buy. A eDirectory Profile contains detailed searchable business information. By submitting your Profile information, you are making it easier for consumers that search by keywords to find your business. Business.Com.My™ edirectory available in 3 format, which are web, printed and CD. These will be publish and distribute nationwide.

Business.Com.My™ Trade Shows

Business.Com.My™ Trade™ Trade Shows is a section updates you on upcoming business events within states in Malaysia country. Listings include trade shows, trade fairs, trade expo, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, events, forums, summits, products launching, product demos, book signings, press conferences, awards ceremony, gala dinners, business networking activities, business referral activities, etc...

Business.Com.My™ Jobs

Business.Com.My™ eJobsBusiness.Com.My™ eJobs is an online recruitment network in Malaysia, by utilizing the power of the Internet to gain competitive edge and cost effectiveness through developed a highly flexible and powerful recruitment medium which enables companies to automate and streamline the entire hiring process online. We brings employers and job seekers together and allows them to interact directly for fast, efficient and cost effective recruitment. Job seekers can utilize eJobs's services either as a registered member or as a visitor and explore constantly updated employment opportunities. For employers, eJobs offers an extremely convenient, efficient and cost effective platform for business recruitment and access to our continuously expanding job seeker database.

Business.Com.My™ Finance

Business.Com.My™ eFinanceBusiness.Com.My™ eFinance is the Malaysia web's most comprehensive Malaysia sources of financial and investment information for the individual and business investor. Designed as an "all under one roof" resource for beginning to advanced investors alike, eFinance provides access to a variety of Malaysia financial resources that cover Malaysia KLSE stock market information, currency exchange rate, online financial information, online trading tools, communication services and educational facilities to investors.

Business.Com.My™ News

Business.Com.My™ eNewsBusiness.Com.My™ eNews covers the latest business news in Malaysia, offering a comprehensive coverage of business developments, market trends, financial and updates in the stock market, analysis of the world of business, government and investment activities locally and globally. To know the latest business development in Malaysia, heightening awareness and understanding of the many business opportunities Malaysia presents today, visit and read the eNews. Available in 2 format, which are text and video broadcast news clips.

Business.Com.My™ Resources

Business.Com.My™ ResourcesBusiness.Com.My™ Resources is the Malaysia web's most comprehensive sources of doing business in Malaysia for the individual and business investor. We offer comprehensive information throughout the business lifecycle and aims to help people find the answers they need to start, sustain and grow their businesses. Designed as an "all under one roof" resources for Malaysian and foreigner to source for trade related information.

Business.Com.My™ Classifieds

Business.Com.My™™ Classifieds is a Community Information Exchange, Classifieds & Directory. It is target Individuals buy & sell markets. It is also an Community Information Service over Mobile Phone and Internet with a simple objective: To deliver relevant and useful information to the people who need it where and when they need it. When you need specific information, you can just use your mobile phone and key in a SMS with GET followed by the keywords of the information that you are looking for, and send the SMS to our own specific mobile shortcode. We will then send back the SMS with all the relevant information based on your search keywords, and it is FREE of charge. Unlike other mobile services that you can see on the TV or newspapers, we does NOT incur any cost in your phone bill nor deduct from your prepaid balance for the information that you received. It is absolutely FREE of charge for you when we delivers the information that you needed either through web or through mobile.

Business.Com.My™ Travel

Business.Com.My™™ Travel is The Malaysia Largest Online Business Travel Information For The Individual Traveller And Business Traveller. Here you can find Travel information about each of the states in Malaysia. Malaysia is a fascinating holiday destination offering something for everyone to enjoy. There are three distinct destinations in the country-Peninsular Malaysia and the states of Sabah and Sarawak in East Malaysia. Visitors are often surprised to discover how developed the country is, yet rich and varied in cultural tradition. States such as Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Johor, Melaka, Perak, Kedah, Perlis, Sabah, Sarawak, Pahang, Kelantan, Terengganu, Negeri Sembilan, Putrajaya, Labuan. You can also book your prefer hotel, flight or car rental/hire instantly here. Hotels rooms, flights or car rental/hire available and prices are updated daily and it is easy to book with your credit card via here online and confirmed immediately.

Business.Com.My™ Tools

Business.Com.My™ eToolsBusiness.Com.My™’s eTools is committed to providing large multinational corporations, Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMB's) with innovative business solutions that enhance the management of their business online. From develop their company domain name strategy, business web and email hosting, building a company corporate website through our online point and click bizbuilder, and efax services. As appreciation towards Business.Com.My™ account users, business components in eTools will be provided for free or barely at our bottom costs. Ecommerce Enable website/standard corporate website generated through our bizbuilder, and business web and email hosting are freely provided just upon request. eFax (Email-to-Fax, Fax-to-Email, Webfax) service that will be launched is another powerful yet beneficial business tool for our valuable Business.Com.My™ account users. We at Business.Com.My™ will try our very best in order to provide this eFax service in someway *Free to our business users. Subscriber also entitled for register/renewal/transfer of Malaysia business domain name, register/renewal/transfer of .com/.net/.org at the lowest in the market. We take a personal interest in your company, your unique needs and where you want your business to grow and promise the lowest price.

Business.Com.My™ Business Networking

Business.Com.My™ Business NetworkingBusiness.Com.My™ Business Networking is a business and professional networking session that offers Business.Com.My™ members the opportunity to share ideas, contacts and most importantly referrals with one another. The business networking session is an informal platform to dramatically increase your business through referrals or word of mouth marketing and is held monthly at a pre-determine place.

Business.Com.My™ is committed to deliver top quality services and leading edge technology to everyone.


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